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who's ONLY JOB is to make MLB The Show 19

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    Perhaps you have not been seeing any videos? They changed the engine. They have enhanced hit variety to MLB The Show 19 Stubs make contact hitters just as effective if not more successful than power hitters. Do your homework before you bash a game you haven’t even seen or might as well get on your knees for them. People like you are the reason game businesses twist the players, and research has been done by me. But whoever believes says is the biggest moron. As you’re obviously the type that always wants to have the last word out, even when they know they’re wrong I am curious to what you have to say.

    Clearly I don’t believe just what they say. To how it’s improved, I’ve watched videos. So I’ve really seen it. It’s a baseball game. They are not going to make ridiculously enormous alterations. They are fixing things that were broken. I’m a lover of DD. And the modifications they made to that along with MLB The Show 19play they’ve made seems great. Absolutely not. But just because they are changes, doesn’t mean it is the exact same old game.

    Well we had a fantastic run, I’ve purchased MLB The Show since 06 and actually before that if it was not actually referred to as the show. . .but I eventually have to face the reality of this fact I will NOT be buying this year for the very first time! I already have MLB 18 (and 17,16,15 etc.. .) I simply don’t know, you have an whole team who’s ONLY JOB is to make MLB The Show 19 and they have a WHOLE YEAR and THIS is the best you can provide us? I am not saying EVERY year you need to reinvent the wheel BUT damn put a brand new rim around the bitch! THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT you want to make as you stated in the movie is IMPROVED GRAPHICS!!

    Why is it so tough to make it look as real as technologically possible? Then maybe you can work up to bigger things like habit stadiums and players from my favorite age 90’s -00’s! Possibly my personal favorite’04 Red Sox or teams like the Yankees of the 90! I won’t go in the remainder (like adding more emotions to gamers to make it more fun or player likenesses). We had a fantastic run and hopefully someday soon you will actually give a The show 19 stubs about what the paying consumers like me desire enough to do something about it, until then I will keep playing my older better versions!

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