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they perform WoW Classic 14 hours each day

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    Wondering why they do not throw before wow classic gold Molten Core. I dont recall precisely how strong the items from ZG were, but if my mind does not trick me, they had been poorer than the ones from BWL but somewhat stronger. If correct, why not releasing ZG involving BWL and MC? As well as AQ 20 ought to be treated different as AQ 40. (but thats not really that necessary, however it would be great to see the personality getting stronger just like I explained ). Back in the days they has to fill in gaps to assist new players (such as T0,5), in the new release this is not really necessary.

    I understand Swifty didnt speak about this in the video but Blizzard confessed that the first honor system pretty much ruined peoples lives. But these times with YouTubers and streamers, they perform WoW Classic 14 hours each day anyway I believe that it would be nice. Along with the equipment should be the same. OP gear kind pvp will free up people rolling for gear in raids and will only have more people pvping which is a good thing.The everything you mentioned about”no changes” is so true and I truly hope Blizzard can do it. It is literally the only reason behind players to play with vanilla. To go through the same items that where enjoyment and not enjoyable, and so on. Fantastic movie, I loved it!?

    Is not the purpose of this timeless host, to possess another WoW Classic game for Blizzard and to give players about what to play another alternative ? I strongly doubt they’d do ALL this work to lay a 14 year-old game so as to feed players’ butthurt nostalgia. Since the primary center of WoW Classic has drastically changed, it might make more sense the intention of this host, is for players who want a more hard-working, grindy and glossy game that are receptive to more opportunities, as opposed to the thoughtfully modern elevated game with much more advanced- and balanced ideas. I don’t think players are aware of what they need, since now we are not utilized to the overpowered exploits that were in games, and players’ focus now, is more about abusing those imperfections instead of enjoying cheap classic wow gold from heart.

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