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The largest problem with the Elder Scrolls Blades currently

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    They are going to ruin The Elder Scrolls Blades with lootbox type of items, microtransactions and cover to triumph. Till I have enough of it, I do never touch a match in which I don’t understand at forehand I am going to pay total for it to beat it or in case of buy ESO Blades Gold games. See that you don’t know whether your total spent The Elder Scrolls Blades EVER will probably be 50 bucks, a 100? Possibly 250 in total (within a span of years)? This is deceiving at this stage for me.I dont see the purpose of having a game if the only way to advance is to purchase your progress. As a gamer who defeats the point of levelling development. Where’s The Elder Scrolls Blades? The reality is there isn’t any match . Throughout playing, an illusion of a match to allow you to spend money to advance, rather than progress. This sort of stuff is gaming cancer.This is honestly just unsatisfactory. Bethesda recently published their 25th Anniversary video highlighting just how far they care about their fans, and also how much they appreciate their feedback and opinions. I see endless posts/comments about just how players are with the Elder Scrolls Blades on social networking. It troubles me that there isn’t a better method for the players to reach out and voice our concerns to The Elder Scrolls Blades.

    The largest problem with the Elder Scrolls Blades currently is that the wait time for chests. Players will eventually reach a point in The Elder Scrolls Blades where dividing vases will no more be a rational way of collection building supplies for your city, and might need to rely upon the random created content of chests for whatever they require. The issue however, is that gamers will eventually reach a point where it is literally impossible to keep up with chests. The balancing of the wait on the chests is foolish.

    Gamers will find themselves with an abundance of silver chests flood their torso inventory, and they cannot open them quickly enough so they can return to playing the real game. Unless they invest cash of course. But who wants to spend ~$20 to open their huge stack of silver chests they obtain? This leaves players to wait times simply to clear their chests. But no participant wants to wait that much time to continue playing — no one wants to risk playing quests and giving up a more valuable chest rewards. Eventually players will just get frustrated with all of this waiting and uninstall the app altogether — It’s either pay up or quit playing. This is merely bad game design on Bethesda’s end. The idea is to get players to enjoy playing with another The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold Game. Together with the chest sockets as they are currently, I fear that gamers will just lose hope on The Elder Scrolls Blades and stop playing together.

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