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the entire assumption of an MMORPG is all about.

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    I concur MrGM, these modifications won’t inhibit a players encounter make it better. The things I am against EVER being added to classic even though they say they’re not is when people get bored and stop playing is no LFR, LFG and no assignment tables as wow classic gold that is what and MMO community is for and been abandoned in modern WoW Classic these days but other then that I’m fine with anything. The dumb sharding system they’re adding to vintage is simply dumb sorry but there is really no justification for adding it if its just the beginning areas what is next Org and SW since they’re packed? Individuals are arguing on forums and other youtube channels about sharding how they’re a good thing since they stated 500,000 people will be logging in on release.

    I’m sorry but there are going to be 6 dedicated servers and of course folks aren’t going to be playing orcs and people there are 6 races to choose from and of course they have their particular starting areas. So 8 races each server and there is 6 servers that is what 48 places for yeah sharding is not going to be required. When I was at Blizz-Con 2018 I argued that reality with a dev since when people are awaiting npc’s to spawn then they will need to create a group so all get charge quicker so people aren’t waiting as that is what the entire assumption of an MMORPG is all about.

    People have forgotten what it means to play these types of games as they were not meant to be played solo 100% of their time but at a social/group/guild setting otherwise why go on the internet to play with a game that needs net and you also be about people/players in first place if some people want to do is be alone making mud pies with their imaginary friend named Fred. I started at April 12, 2005 and I personally am excited about trying out classic as its been a very long time, given I didn’t have the best experience back as WoW Classic was fresh with lots of problems and it was as new to the players since it was to buy classic wow gold the devs in Blizzard in the time but since then they’ve come along way so has technologies and the average player skill set.

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