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The comp cape stats will be taken off of RS gold


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    The comp cape stats will be taken off of RS gold the cape and added as a passive bonus to RuneScape gold the “Reaper Crew” achievement instead. (This partially compensates for it being removed from comp, and seems like the most logical place to put them.)Utility benefits that are currently tied to the cape item, such as teleports, will be changed to permanent unlocks on the player rather than the cape.The following benefits which currently are inherited by the comp cape from other capes, will be decoupled from the comp cape and become accessible in game through other means.

    This design is a much more cut-down version of the previous iteration
    We’re stripping away a lot of the previous design. As such, the completionist and trimmed completionist capes will remain as they currently are in game. We won’t be adding any new capes, new tiers of capes, new meta-achievements, or making anything into a “legacy cape”. With the changes listed later, we hope to make the path to obtaining comp, and maintaining it, a much more enjoyable and satisfying journey – as well as opening up room for more achievements with new and old content, and the introduction of new capes in the future.

    The “Reaper Crew” achievement will be removed as a requirement from the comp cape. Reaper has caused issues ever since its introduction, years after comp was initially brought into the game, frequently locking many players out of a cape they were otherwise always able to obtain. Hard bosses are intentionally designed to be harder than many players are comfortable with, which makes for a poor combination with buy RS gold the comp cape. Where most other content is normal easily accessible and solo-able, many various bosses introduce difficult, and forced group, gameplay. As well as this, reaper can sometimes limit developers from pushing difficulty on new high-end bosses as it can cause an uproar in the comp community – we’ve seen various instances of this in the past.

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