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    Even players that ditch enormous amounts of money to buy ESO Blades Gold will eventually lose interest since The Elder Scrolls Blades will become increasingly hard they’ll be required to dump even more money into a mobile game (remember that purchasing a full-fledged The Elder Scrolls Blades game to get consoles/PC on release day is below $100). From The Elder Scrolls Blades’s present state, it is not unreasonable for one to assume that it was designed to be a quick-cash-grab on Bethesda’s end, all at the expense of the fans *they care a lot about. I pray that the problems will be addressed by them shortly, and that this was intention. The Elder Scrolls Blades has potential.

    I agree that the legendary weapons that you could buy are absurd, but the stuff that I craft and enchant myself are substantially better that anything that I get from every torso. Buying chests may help a bit at the very early levels, and also the prices are crazy, but I can not agree that it is”pay to win.” I totally see where you are coming out, but any time I purchase anything from a chest, it all just ends up scrapped for parts so I could upgrade my gear that I already have, or on the rare possibility that it is far better than my current gear it will be quickly outclassed but the stuff I can craft once my blacksmith finishes updating. I concur that the torso system is busted. And the gems appear far too seldom.

    However, I don’t believe that you are put by spending money . We are all getting to the exact same location, some are just willing to pay to get there faster. I was looking at the tempering menu within my blacksmith, and that I can get my dwarven longsword to have higher all around stats the legendary greatsword The Elder Scrolls Blades recently offered me to get 1,400 stone. And that is enchanting. Of coarse that’s with a lot of The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold surces but that’s a single handed dwarven weapon. Not even top tier in the Elder Scrolls Blades. ?

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