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I have had a character with Runescape


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    I know I know, membership is very well worth it, but I also will need to RuneScape gold contemplate my standing. But , Runescape is beautiful. To everybody who has never played Runescape, never judge it by it’s graphics, the material is worth experiencing.As someone that’s been playing Runescape for 13 decades or so. Oldschool to do the quests I didnt know as a kid. And Runescape3 to progress wiyh of the tier quests. Its a game you seldom stop.

    I have had a character with Runescape for 13 years now so my account informs me. Havent played regular of the 13 decades so why don’t you check it out however, the login still works? Wish I could say I had that kinda history with a credit card but eh. I have to say I recently came back and am actually enjoying myself. The simple fact that they put out pursuit that large name MMO’s are calling DLC and making individuals pay $20+ for free, I mean c’mon. I just need to say I’m thankful TLP for you making this in 2018 it’s cool to see other individuals still diggin on RS.

    Honesty feel just like youre fighting for ideas to produce videos. Runescape is garbage and has been since it first introduced. You should maybe take a rest from youtube and return refreshed since it is sad watching your videos slowly decline. Before clicking off, I get past the two minute mark lately. You are one of my favorite youtubers, if not my favorite. Im not saying this to be a dick. I think you can use some time off or some new inspiration. Maybe try a different genre of sport?? I am a very long time Runescape2 player since 2004, cease in 2008. Started back up in osrs two years back… BUT I started playing Runescape3(which was Runescape2 before eoc) and I actually REALLY enjoy it! I’ve been enjoying osrs for pking and Runescape3 for all this past month. I was shocked that I actually like cheap OSRS gold.

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