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adds the Maple Alliance outpost

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    The building of Heroes event adds the Maple Alliance outpost, where players can hone their skills and prepare to level up in prep of for their battle against the Black Mage, and adds various leveling updates. The main objective of Maplestory M Mesos the Alliance is to collect”Determination” and power up the sacred light in the outpost to have the ability to fight the Dark Mage. Rewards include Gathering of Heroes exclusive Pet Box, Item Box, Beauty Box, and Cash Box.Starting today, players may reach level 200 by engaging in the Tera Burning Project event to prepare to meet with the degree requirements for battle against the Black Mage. During this event, players will be able to create and assign their new character as their Tera Burning personality, which will be given a Snail pet and have the capability to gain two additional levels each time it levels up until attaining level 200.

    Additionally, players that manage the most damage when beating Elite Monsters will get Alliance Support for 30 seconds, which may incorporate troop support, bombardment support, or airship support.Lastly, the first place in Tenebris to unlock would be buy Maplestory mobile mesos Moonbridge. Gamers level 200 and over will need to navigate regions while shrouded in dark fog to ultimately defeat a monster guarding the road.

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