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I mean, sure, that bug was creating of mmogo

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    I mean, sure, that bug was creating the sword much more OP, but it’s like 5% of Fortnite Items the issue and does not talk to the core problem, which is the existence of this sword at the first location. Epic was requested by me concerning the Infinity Blade problems and they told me they had no opinion.

    There is a sneaking feeling among the community which Epic is doing this…on goal. Here’s a statement that they gave last season when this kind of issue cropped up:”It is important to be aware that we believe Fortnite a dynamic, evolving game which is not limited by competition.

    Even with that said Cube Monsters were eliminated by them from aggressive games. The Infinity Blade, however, stayed, despite being more of a gamechanging addition.Part of me understands the allure of making even aggressive games totally chaotic and unpredictable, since it is a way to keep competitive Fortnite feeling refreshing, such as you never know exactly what you are going to see if you tune in because of just how much the sport is continually shifting, and a part of being a professional is the ability to adapt to anything new insanity Epic throws your way.

    And I think there is a lineup, and you may go too far. It’s one thing to observe where an zone was to experiment using a SMG, players adapt to another crater on the map. It is another to present a weapon such as the Infinity Blade which negates and upsets months and weeks of training. It’s frustrating to receive building and good, engagements, zoning, all that stuff, then only have games return to…a man blowing through structures using a buster sword and whirlwinding around for a dozen and kills.

    Epic feels like they’re trolling to the clear Infinity Blade issues using their non-response. Perhaps the”feedback” will develop so loud they’ll be forced to respond and make some changes, but they have not buy fortnite traps however, and their responses so far are ill-received. Stay tuned for updates on this situation.

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